I'Dalis is 23 years old and is currently enrolled to become a nurse. However, the medical field has not been her only interest. I'Dalis has always been interested in beauty and fashion. As well, as entrepreneurship. She created Idalis Infamous Beauty to expressed herself through her brand. Idalis Infamous Beauty is a brand focus on inner beauty and remaining true to yourself above all else.

BE YOU & STAY BEAUTIFUL is the slogan I'Dalis came up with to ensure her message is being spread.

"I want everyone to feel beautiful inside and out all while being yourself." - I'Dalis  🖤

I'Dalis has also began her journey as a content creator. On her Youtube channel she hopes to connect with people, give inspiration and advice. As well as, share all of her experiences that may come with entrepreneurship.  You can check it out on YouTube "Idalis Infamous Life"

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